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Craftech Sienna Plein Air Pastel Box Easels by Style Type

Product Description:
for plein air and studio painting the Sienna Plein Air Pastel Box is beautitotally made long lasting and suited to your needs &; an easel and pastel holder all in one. Estimated price $151.00.

Visually compare Easels Easels by Style Type. Manufacturer brand item 526397246 753182746319 52853-1001

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Craftech Sienna Multimedia Center Image 1003

Craftech Sienna Multimedia Center

Product Information:
Item no. 507826030 753182746258 51927-1001. The Sienna Multimedia Center is an artists dream combining a large adjustable worktop a unique palette drawer and copious amounts of storage space. . Category: Furniture for Artists and Classrooms Workstations with Integrated Easels. Craftech Sienna Multimedia Center Workstations with Integrated Easels Reviews

Craftech Rolling Painting Table Image 1003

Craftech Rolling Painting Table

Product Information:
Item no. 507820017 51924-1001. Made of solid European beechwood and Baltic birch with a roughness free surfacefurniture grade finish the Craftech Rolling Painting Table is a distinc. Category: Storing and Organizing Art Materials Taborets. Craftech Rolling Painting Table Taborets Reviews

Craftech Sienna Plein Air Tripod Image 1003

Craftech Sienna Plein Air Tripod

Product Information:
Item no. 507796030 753182746111 52841-1003. Designed to work with Craftechs Sienna Plein Air Pochade Boxes the Sienna Plein Air Tripod can be locked into place at 3 distinct angles to enable pai. Category: Transporting and Carrying Art Materials Portable and Field Easels. Craftech Sienna Plein Air Tripod Portable and Field Easels Reviews

Craftech Sienna Studio Palette Image 1003

Craftech Sienna Studio Palette

Product Information:
Item no. 507826029 753182746234 50388-1001. The Sienna Studio Palette is the supremepainters toolbox. Extraordinary for use in the studio its ideal for carrying supplies to art classes or worksh. Category: Storing and Organizing Art Materials Brush Holders and Organizers. Craftech Sienna Studio Palette Brush Holders and Organizers Reviews

Craftwell eBrush Airbrush System Image 1003

Craftwell eBrush Airbrush System

Product Information:
Item no. 546504882 816383011539 26993-1001. The system has the items: Craft eBrush Airbrush Compressor AC power adapter Air hose Spectrum Noir Adapter 3 Spectrum Noir Markers Instruction manual. Category: Painting and Painting Accessories Painting Graphic. Craftwell eBrush Airbrush System Painting Graphic Reviews

Best Chimayo Easels Picture 1003

Best Chimayo Easels

Item Details: Item no. 507837267 717304009638 50247-1001. Bests full size Chimayo is a single mast easel supported by a quad base giving it stability than single mast easels. It distinguishes itself in being . Category: Easels Easels by Style Type. Best Chimayo Easels

Best Dulce Easels Picture 1003

Best Dulce Easels

Item Details: Item no. 507838481 717304017756 50249-0300. Bests Giant or Deluxe Dulce is for artists who work on a really grand scale. It has wide H frame construction to accommodate paintings of width and up. Category: Easels Easels by Style Type. Best Dulce Easels

Raphaeumll Kaeumlrell Flat Image 1003

Raphaeumll Kaeumlrell Flat

Product Information:
Item no. 507821151 3046450445463 05875-1032. brush is a short handle version of the Series 879 Flat and is ideal for line work and washes in watercolors or for painters in acrylics and oils who p. Category: Brushes Brushes by Name or Shape. Raphaeumll Kaeumlrell Flat Brushes by Name or Shape Reviews

CreateAuto Air Candy Colors Image 1003

CreateAuto Air Candy Colors

Product Information:
Item no. 507794861 717893346053 25311-3667. Auto Air Colors offer breakthrough waterbased airbrush paint technology transparent brilliant colors let the underlying coat to interact with light pa. Category: Airbrushing Airbrush Auto Colors. CreateAuto Air Candy Colors Airbrush Auto Colors Reviews

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