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Richeson Handmade Soft Pastel Sets Pastels

Product Description:
set contains 1 every of Gray 167 Gray 181 Gray 169 Gray 166 Gray 165 Gray 164 Gray 174 Gray 168 Gray 171 Yellow 73 Yellow 74 Yellow 68 Yellow 67 Yellow 71 Earth 107 Yellow 78 Yellow 76 Earth 102 Green 24 Yellow 69 Yellow 83 Yellow 84 Yellow 70 Yellow Estimated price $343.00.

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For Autumn Evening Artist David Lloyd Glover (Autumn scenes of rural Vermont. ) visit this page. Artist Alex Acropolis Calderon Gold Corona () and Enhanced Golden Temple Shining (Beautiful picture of the Golden Temple, in Amritsar Punjab , India. The Hari Mandir, now called) are available at,524851653.php (Dave Grohl on set at a Foo Fighters cover shoot for Sound+Vision magazine. Styled after the).

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Richeson Oak Flat Files Image 490

Richeson Oak Flat Files

Product Information:
Item no. 507856828 51257-1015. beautiful oak flat files are exceptional for storing and protecting work. Stained in a golden oak with a shiny finish they fit in most home or office . Category: Furniture for Artists and Classrooms Flat Files. Richeson Oak Flat Files Flat Files Reviews

Richeson Work Station Image 490

Richeson Work Station

Product Information:
Item no. 507857901 717304112505 51647-1040. By coupling 2 freestanding units with the Table Top Section 1 can create their ideal work station. Components are of baltic birch and oak. Some fittin. Category: Furniture for Artists and Classrooms Tables and Work Surfaces. Richeson Work Station Tables and Work Surfaces Reviews

Richeson Clear Carve Linoleum Image 490

Richeson Clear Carve Linoleum

Product Information:
Item no. 507856848 717304132367 40427-1250. Block printing made easy Because see through it Clear Carve Linoleum can be put over drawings or photos eliminating the need for image transfer. It cu. Category: Printmaking Printing Plates. Richeson Clear Carve Linoleum Printing Plates Reviews

Richeson Bulk Watercolor Paper Image 490

Richeson Bulk Watercolor Paper

Product Information:
Item no. 525104238 717304130561 09605-1009. for educational settings Richeson Bulk Watercolor Paper is a machine made cold press paper from 100 procent wood pulp. acid free paper lifts has no de. Category: Painting and Painting Accessories Watercolor Painting. Richeson Bulk Watercolor Paper Watercolor Painting Reviews

Richeson Aztec Easel Image 490

Richeson Aztec Easel

Product Information:
Item no. 507830518 51512-1001. H frame easel folds flat for easy storage. Made from environmentally amicable renewable Lyptus hardwood. . Category: Easels Studio Easels. Richeson Aztec Easel Studio Easels Reviews

Holbein Artists Soft Pastels Picture 490

Holbein Artists Soft Pastels

Item Details: Item no. 507867986 4938331292060 21947-1449. Holbein has developed a range of artist quality soft pastels that offer exceptional covering and blending power because of their soft powder richness.. Category: Drawing and Illustration Pastels. Holbein Artists Soft Pastels

Sennelier Oil Pastel Sets Picture 490

Sennelier Oil Pastel Sets

Item Details: Item no. 507857066 3046450409236 20092-1209. set contains total of 125 pastels with 5 bonus pastels selected by Sennelier. A set list of the 120 pastels can be found in the Product Specs tab. . Category: Drawing and Illustration Pastels. Sennelier Oil Pastel Sets

Dorlands WaMedium Image 490

Dorlands WaMedium

Product Information:
Item no. 507863724 743772200123 00428-1009. Adds translucency to oil paints making them more brilliant. used as a final coat on dry paintings metal sculpture wood carvings and antiques. May buff. Category: Painting and Painting Accessories Oil Painting. Dorlands WaMedium Oil Painting Reviews

Best Becky Taboret Image 490

Best Becky Taboret

Product Information:
Item no. 507823789 717304112987 51654-1001. is a exceptional all in 1 workstation for the studio or home A double mast easel extendable wings and full of storage make it easy to work on project.. Category: Storing and Organizing Art Materials Taborets. Best Becky Taboret Taborets Reviews

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