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Stylish Craftech Sienna Plein Air Tripod - Recommended item

Craftech Sienna Plein Air Tripod (Designed to work with Craftechs Sienna Plein Air Pochade Boxes the Sienna Plein Air Tripod can be locked into place at 3 distinct angles to enable painting in tight places on iular surface areas or at ground level. )
High-class Skutt FireBoKiln - Recommended item

Skutt FireBoKiln (The FireBox 14 is the ideal compact kiln for fusing glass tiles with a square chamber that holds a full sq ft of 4 × 4 tile. Its top fired design heats every tile uniformly. The FireBox 14 operates on standard household voltage. )
Valuable Iwata Power Jet Studio Compressor - Recommended item

Iwata Power Jet Studio Compressor (Iwatas Power Jet is a exceptional compressor for the professional artist doing general or extended airbrush applications at high and low pressures. The Power Jet has a 3. 5 L 0. 9 gallon air storage tank. 1/6 HP pulse free motor. )
Lovely Flexcut Mallet Tools - Recommended item

Flexcut Mallet Tools (six piece set contains a good range of tools for beginners working on simpler projects. The set comes with: MC403 #3 x 1 25 mm sweep MC305 #5 x 11/16 17 mm sweep MC208 #7 x 7/16 11 mm sweep MC411 #10 x 9/16 14 mm sweep MC311 #11 x 6 mm sweep MC360 60 x 3/8 9 mm parting tool)
Easy of use Amaco Wedging Board - Recommended item

Amaco Wedging Board (Sturdy wooden framework is made of birch plywood with a polyurethane finish. 2 recessed areas are filled with absorbent plaster. Canvas wedging cloth snaps firmly over 1 area. Fine steel cutting wire is held taut by turnbuckle. )
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