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Artist Tape - Artist tape is a type of tape specifically designed for artists and creative professionals. Ceramic Bisque - Ceramic bisque refers to any unglazed ceramic piece that has been fired once in a kiln. Chalk - Chalk is a soft, porous, sedimentary rock that is usually white or light gray in color. Charcoal Pencil - A charcoal pencil is a drawing tool made from compressed charcoal. Drawing Gum - Drawing gum, also known as masking fluid, is a liquid material used in art to temporarily cover areas of a surface. Dry Pigment - Dry pigment refers to finely ground, powdered colorants that are used in various applications such as painting, ceramics, textiles, and cosmetics. Drying Rack - A drying rack, also known as a clothes drying rack or clothes airer, is a device used to hang and dry clothing. Epoxy Resin - Epoxy resin is a type of synthetic resin that is derived from petroleum-based materials. Linocut Tool - Linocut tools are essential tools used in printmaking to create images on linoleum blocks. Model Building Kit - A model building kit is a set of parts and instructions that allows you to build a scale model of a particular object or structure. Modeling Clay - Modeling clay is a soft and pliable material that can be shaped and molded into various forms. Mold - Mold making is the process of creating a mold or a form into which you can pour a liquid, gel, or other pliable material to create a specific shape or object. Mono Printing Ink - Mono printing ink is a type of ink used in the art technique of mono printing. Paint Set - A paint set typically includes various colors of paint, paintbrushes, and sometimes additional tools or materials such as a palette or mixing tray. Palette Paper Pad - A palette paper pad is a pad of tear-off sheets of paper that artists use as a disposable palette.

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Drawing Illustration Drawing Tools Accessories Life Size Wood Manikins

To learn the basics of figure drawing or just to have standing around a manikin is a useful referenc.
Drawing Illustration Colored Pencils Jolly Superstick Colored Pencils

for classrooms the Big Box contains 288 Supersticks Colored Pencils 24 every of 12 colors Light Yell.
Crafts Craft Kits Fireworks Glass Fusing Class Kits

The kit has f 6 x 6 sheets of black white COE glass fusible glass 2 large stainless bracelet mandrel.
Cleaning Materials Supplies Table Floor Protectors Guardian Floor Protection Soft Step Supreme Anti Fatigue Mat

An choice for comfort in shaped work areas the Guardian Floor Protection Soft Step Supreme Anti Fati.
Art painting and drawing supplies can vary depending on the individual artist's preference and medium of choice. However, here are some common supplies that many artists use:
1. Paintbrushes: Various sizes and shapes for different techniques and details. 2. Paints: Acrylic, oil, watercolor, gouache, or other mediums depending on the artist's preferred style. 3. Canvas or paper: Surface for painting or drawing. 4. Pencils: Different grades (HB, 2B, 4B, etc.) for sketching and shading. 5. Erasers: To remove graphite or charcoal marks. 6. Pens and markers: For inking, drawing detailed lines, or adding color. 7. Charcoal or graphite sticks: For shading, sketching, or creating dramatic effects. 8. Palette: A mixing surface for paints. 9. Palette knife: Used for mixing paints or applying textured effects. 10. Easels: Stands to hold canvases or boards. 11. Fixative: Spray to protect drawings and prevent smudging of pastel or charcoal. 12. Water containers: For cleaning brushes and diluting water-based paints. 13. Rulers, compasses, and other measuring tools: For precise measurements and proportions in drawing. 14. Smudge tools: Blending tools like blending stumps, tortillons, or paper towels. 15. Masking tape: To create clean edges or protect certain areas while painting. 16. Palette cups: Containers for holding and organizing different paint colors. 17. Paint palettes: To mix and hold paints while working. 18. Apron or smock: To protect clothing from paint or other art materials. 19. Spray bottles: For wetting or misting watercolors or other paint mediums. 20. Varnish: Protective layer for finished artwork. These are just some of the common supplies used in art painting and drawing. Artists may also use additional tools and materials depending on their specific needs and artistic style.

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