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What is the meaning of the art term Easel?

An easel is a stand or frame used by artists to hold and support a canvas or board while they are painting or drawing. Easels come in a variety of styles and sizes, and can be adjustable to accommodate different heights and angles.

They are typically made of wood or metal and have a tripod-like structure with legs that can be folded for easy storage and transportation. Easels are an essential tool for artists as they provide a stable and convenient surface to work on, allowing them to stand or sit comfortably while creating their artwork.
An easel is a standing frame or structure that is used to support and hold an artist's canvas or other work surfaces while they are being created or displayed. It is typically made of wood or metal and consists of three main parts: a vertical upright support, a horizontal adjustable crosspiece or shelf, and three legs for stability.

The vertical upright support is the backbone of the easel and is usually adjustable in height. This allows artists to position their canvas or artwork at a comfortable eye level, avoiding strain or discomfort while working. The upright support often features multiple grooves or notches, allowing artists to choose the angle at which they want their canvas to be positioned.

The horizontal adjustable crosspiece or shelf, sometimes called the easel tray, is attached to the upright support and provides a surface for holding the canvas or artwork. It can be adjusted horizontally along the vertical support, allowing artists to position their work at different distances from themselves. This adjustability is crucial as it allows artists to step back and view their work from a distance, aiding in the evaluation of proportions, composition, and aesthetics.

The three legs of the easel provide stability and balance, ensuring that the easel remains upright and secure. The legs are usually extendable, allowing artists to adjust the height of the easel according to their preference or the size of the artwork. Some easels also come with additional features such as lockable wheels, enabling artists to move the easel around easily or lock it in place.

Easels are essential tools for artists to create and exhibit their artwork. They provide artists with a comfortable and adjustable working surface, allowing them to paint, sketch, or draw with ease. Easels also play a role in displaying finished artwork, whether in an artist's studio, gallery, or exhibition space. They offer a professional and aesthetically pleasing way to present the artwork to viewers, while also allowing the artwork to be easily seen and appreciated from different angles.

Easels are versatile and practical tools that are essential for artists to create their artwork and showcase it to the world. They provide support, adjustability, and stability, making the artistic process more efficient and enjoyable.
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The M-04 is made of imported oiled beechwood, crafted in the finest tradition of Italian woodworking... Easels And Art Furniture.
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