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Utrecht Acrylic Primed Cotton Canvas Rolls Cotton Canvas RollsCanvases Art Supplies Utrecht Traditional Acrylic Primed Cotton Canvas Rolls feature 10 oz 100 procent cotton duck primed with 3 coats of acrylic gesso to reach a 14 oz finished The medium texture combination weave is a distinct surface for all kinds of subjects in oil or acrylic paint.

Canvases Cotton Canvas Rolls.

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Utrecht Artists Watercolors Painting - Fine Arts Paints for teachers students selection of basic essential colors contains 0. 47 oz 14 ml tubes of Lemon Yellow Ultramarine Blue Alizarin Crimson Viridian Raw Painting Painting Accessories.
Utrecht Folding Stool Stools Utrechts Folding Stool is homelike collapsible easy to bring along on outdoor painting adventures. Has beechwood legs a genuine leather seat embossed Furniture For Artists Classrooms.
Utrecht Designers Gouache Watercolor Paint The set contains 8 0. 47 oz 14 ml tubes with Cadmium Lemon Brilliant Yellow Rose Tyrien Flame Red Turquoise Blue Ultramarine Blue Permanent White Ivor Painting Painting Accessories.
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Schacht Inkle Loom Textile Fiber Crafts for the classroom or for personal use. Not is the Inkle Loom long lasting it is also easy to use. The 3 4 pegs are pressed glued into 1 deep holes to Crafts.
Daylight Easel Lamp Lighting Illumination Nothing else comes so close to natural sunlight for ideal color reducing eyestrain. easel lamp is lightw 8 compact for use in the studio or on the roa Furniture For Artists Classrooms.
Copernicus Tabletop Easel Furniture For Wheelchair Access unique compact easel makes an ideal literacy center for one to 1 instruction its ein a featured manner well fit for making lessons more accessible for Furniture For Artists Classrooms.
Daylight Naturalight Magnifying Lamps Lighting Illumination Same modern slim design but with the power of LED lighting. Its the ideal lamp for detailed close up work. The LEDs are dimmable with 2 brightness set Furniture For Artists Classrooms.
Amaco Crea Stone Moldmaking Casting Materials Textured material for casting carving. Also used with direct wire modeling or sand clay wax casting. Add water it becomes hard as st 1 4 times lighter Sculpture Modeling.
Sakura Fantasia Watercolor Color Pack Set Watercolor Paint economical set of student quality tube watercolors will last a normal sized class the full year! The 96 tube set has 8 tubes in every of 12 colors. Sm Painting Painting Accessories.
Holbein Metal Brush Washers Brush Washers Cleaners brush washing canisters are from seamless rust proof chrome plated iron. Unlatch 3 clamps to reveal an airtight rubber seal removable brush scrubber. Brushes.
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