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What is the meaning of the art term Drawing Gum?

Drawing gum, also known as masking fluid, is a liquid material used in art to temporarily cover areas of a surface. It is commonly used in watercolor painting to preserve areas of the paper or previous layers of paint, allowing the artist to work freely without worrying about accidentally painting over those areas.

Drawing gum is usually applied using a brush or other tool and dries quickly to form a rubbery, mask-like layer. Once the painting is complete, the drawing gum can be peeled or rubbed off to reveal the preserved areas underneath.

It is important to note that drawing gum should only be used on dry paper or paint, as applying it to a wet surface can cause damage.
Drawing gum, also known as masking fluid or liquid frisket, is a fluid substance used in the world of visual arts to preserve specific areas of a painting or drawing surface from being affected by subsequent layers of paint or ink. It is a rubbery, liquid material that dries to form a temporary barrier or mask, similar to a rubber cement.

The primary purpose of using drawing gum is to establish areas of the artwork that need to be kept free from paint or ink. Artists commonly use it to create highlights, textured effects, or intricate details in their artwork. It is especially useful in watercolor, ink, or gouache paintings, where maintaining the purity of white spaces or preventing color bleeding is important.

The process of using drawing gum begins by applying it to the desired areas using various tools, including brushes, pen nibs, or even toothpicks for more intricate work. The fluid dries relatively quickly, creating a thin, impermeable film over the designated sections. Once it is dry, the artist can proceed to apply paint or ink over the entire composition without any concern about affecting the masked areas.

After the paint or ink has dried, the drawing gum can be easily removed. It is usually peeled off or rubbed gently with a finger, eraser, or specialized eraser shield, revealing the protected areas underneath. Sometimes, a residue may be left behind, but it can be easily erased or cleaned with soapy water without damaging the artwork.

Drawing gum comes in various formulations, but the most common type is made of rubber latex. It is essential to use a high-quality drawing gum that is specifically designed for art applications to ensure easy removal and prevent any damage to the paper or surface.

While drawing gum is a useful tool for artists, it requires some practice and experimentation to master its application. Proper handling techniques are necessary to prevent the drawing gum from bleeding, smudging, or adhering too firmly to the paper, as it may tear upon removal.

Drawing gum offers artists a versatile way to protect specific areas of their artwork, providing control over the layering process and allowing for unique effects and details. It is a valuable tool in the creation of both traditional and mixed-media artworks, enabling artists to bring their vision to life with precision and creativity.
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Pebeo Drawing Gum is a removable gray liquid frisket used for masking artwork when working with inks, watercolor, and gouache... Paint And Mediums.

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